4 ways to manage your pain in this heat…..

4 ways to manage your pain in this heat…..
0 July 21, 2017

First and foremost, Pain is a very sensitive topic and quite a common issue as well. We all suffer from some kind of pain… sometimes it’s short term… and sometimes it’s impossible to get rid of… Well If you are already in a lot of pain you should not ignore it and go for proper treatment… For now we can talk about how to avoid pain or can minimize it to a certain level….

Here are 4 ways to beat the pain in Heat!!

Avoid Pain Trigger Foods- If you are suffering from migraine or neuralgic pain you should avoid eating certain types of food like spices, excessive salt, caffeine, cola, are known pain triggers, its better to avoid these in this season.

Drink lots of water- We all know Water is such a substance which helps in curing a lot of diseases. So why not pain.

It’s very essential to keep our body hydrated. Summer heat removes necessary fluids from our body, so its important for us to drink at least 3-4lts of water daily. Water prevents joint pain and cramps. Not only that we should stay away from alcohol, coffee or anything else which promotes dehydration.

Exercise within limits- It’s always recommended to do some exercise if you are suffering from pain. But anything more than a certain limit is dangerous especially in summers. So it will be preferred if one can exercise indoors in a cool place rather than under scotching sun or in the early morning. The best type of exercise during summers is swimming.

Continue with your regular Pain Medications – If you’re taking regular medicines prescribed by your Pain Specialist, do continue them throughout the season. Take your doctor’s advise while changing any medicines. Warning: Take regular pain medicines only when prescribed by a Specialist. Often, self-medication on painkillers does more harm than good

These are few tips to give you some relief in this unbearable heat. These tips will surely help you to fight pain, but remember, pain becomes unbearable despite taking these precautions, you should visit a Specialist Doctor at the earliest to get a definitive diagnosis and start your treatment. Pain is a complicated problem, and when ignored for long, it can worsen very rapidly.

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