USG-MSKP 2018 Kolkata
23rd December (Sunday)


8-8.30 AM -Registration

8.30-9.45- Lectures (15 min each)

1-Introduction and basic Principles of Ultrasound imaging in MSK

2-Trouble shooting in USG guided intervention in musculoskeletal pain

3-USG guided Radiofrequency for Musculoskeletal Pain

4-USG guided peripherel neuromodulation

5-Regenerative medicine in MSK Pain


9.45-10.10-WELCOME &Tea Break

10.10 am- 12.50 pm Hands-on Scanning Sessions -(4 stations)

 (40 minutes each station)

12.50- 13.40- Lunch

13.40- 14.40- Live Procedures (2-3 procedures depending on availability of patients)

14.40- 16.00: Hands-on Scanning (2 stations)

16.00-16.20-Tea Break

16.20- 17.40- Hands-on Scanning (2 stations)

17.40-18.00- Feedback, discussion and close of workshop



ROTATIONAL WORKSHOPS (40 minutes per station)
Delegates will rotate in small groups at each of the 8 stations listed below


Station 1: Shoulder USG- GH joint, Subacromial bursa, A-C joint, Suprascapular Nerve

Station 2: Elbow and Wrist USG- Bursa, common flexors and extensors,Cubital Canal,
Carpal Tunnel & Median Nerve

Station 3:Hip USG- Joint, Greater Trochanteric complex,Adductor canal, Lateral cutaneous nerve of thigh

Station 4: Knee USG- Joint, Genicular nerve ,Popliteal cyst, Saphenous nerve Block

Station 5: Foot & Ankle- Nerves, Tibiotalar and Sub-talar joints,Achilles tendon,Planter fascia

Station 6: Head & Neck- Cervical Facet and medial branch, Cervical nerve root, Stellate ganglion, GON and 3rd Occipital nerve

Station 7: Thoracic and Lumbar Spine- Extraforaminal Nerve root, Facet joints, Medial branch , Quadratus lumborum

Station 8: Pelvis USG- SI Joint, Caudal Epidural, Piriformis, Pudendal block, Lumbo sacral plexus

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